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    What (not) to do when your SeadDoo won't start

    Just wanted to share an experience where I did something the wrong way (due to assuming and trying to get back on the water for the weekend).

    Here is how it happened .. went out on the water and pulled up to shore away from the dock. Well, I went to start it up ... no dice, all it would do was spin over trying to start (almost started a couple times). When someone came by and offered to tow me back across the cove, I decided that was better than have to swim it thru all the traffic and waves.

    After getting back on the trailer and out of the water, knowing it'd be easier to start out of the water, I tried one more time ... no dice still ... by this time, I had pretty much drained the battery.

    So there it sat for the week, before I had time to dig in to find out what was wrong. Actually, I was not going to have time to trouble shoot in depth until about an hour before the dealership closed for the weekend. I had recharged the battery and still no go on starting ... infact all I was hearing was the 'solenoid failure' click that was described by several people ... so I knew I was not going have time to bypass/test and make it to the dealership to get a new solenoid ... so I went ahead and bought a new solenoid so I could have some fun late saturday and sunday ... got back an decided to test the current solenoid before opening the new one. Turned out the solenoid was fine ... So ... I moved on to the starter ... gave it a coulpe 'love' taps ... and it turned over a few times ... so there was my issue ... the starter.

    So I took it out, cleaned it and put it back in about 60-90min later ... hit the start switch ... turned over a few times ... and then that was it ... starter is pretty much toast ...

    Well you know what they say about electrical parts (no returns) ... fortunately the dealer did take the new solenoid back ... but I was fortunate there ... otherwise I would have a $45 solenoid sitting on the shelf.

    Just wanted to share that, in case anyone else has trouble starting and they think the solenoid is the issue ... its much easier to lightly tap the starter to see if that points you in a different direction. You might save some time/money

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    Or you could save yourself both time & money and diagnose it right. Just put a Multi-meter or 12v Test light across both posts on the solenoid while pushing the start button to see if you are getting 12v to the starter. No need to beat on the starter

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    lol ...

    I actually did use my Fluke on it to test for voltage at the Solenoid ... and there was.
    So I knew it had to be further down the voltage stream and thus not my Solenoid ... thats when I moved on to the starter.

    Also, just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply I "beat" on the starter ... that wouldn't be good.

    I only lightly tapped on it with the rubber handle of my ratchet, because I didn't want to cause any damage if it was in fact still good.

    The "moral" of my initial post was ...
    try to make time to diagnose the problem before buying a part you think you need ... and if you end up like I did w/o time to do so ... and ... you buy the wrong Electrical part ... and ... the dealership is nice enough to take it back ... be VERY thankful

    I certainly was

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    having a spare solenoid on board for a 14 year old ski isn't as bad as ou might think. the do fail..the old style seadoo snoid(the one withe riveted bottom) actually fail very often and $45 isn't a high price to pay for a weekend insurnace policy. I would have left the new one in and kept the old one "just in case".

    I keep a good supply of stuff like solenoids and regulators on the shelf..nothing like seeing somebodies face go from "crap there goes the weekend" 2 "wow, I'm savvvved" in three seconds flat.

    Oh yeah, Happy new years to all, I just got back from my winter vacation..the wife and I took a cruise thru the panama canal. And to the jetski rental operator in Cabo..the captain says "Hi!"

    wonder if a ski ever made the canal run?..if I could scratch up some sponsorship......

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    hitting the side of the starter will only dislodge the magnets or break them on the inside and then the starter is junk!

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