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    GP1200 Parts

    Hi guys,

    Been lurking the forum for a few months now. Searching the forums have been very helpful, and now ask for help myself.

    I am after a top loader intake grate for a 97 GP1200 and possibly any other bolt on mods people may have laying around. Could be interested in a shredmaster ride plate or an after market seat cover.
    Stuff would have to be shipped to New Zealand and i can pay via pay pal. Gear here is very expensive and not available for this paticular ski at any ski shop i call. They all have to order it in and want to charge me double what it costs for me to order it in myself.

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    Cheers, Adam.

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    Cool Hi...


    Welcome to the forum.

    The more Old School members the better..

    Tell us a little more about your ski..

    How many hours.?
    Have the carbs been rebuilt recently.. (last couple of seasons.?)
    What style of riding do you do..??
    Any mods on the ski..??

    As with any forum, We like pictures..


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    My ski is stock.

    I have owned it for about 4 months, bought it with 180hrs on the clock and it has just gone over 200hrs the past weekend.
    The ski has been wrecked due to being sunk, the guy i bought it off rebuilt the motor, cleaned the carbs, replaced the trim cable and electrics at 160 hrs to get it back up and running.
    When i bought it i knew there was a small crack in the hull, which turned out to be a big crack due to some ones botched repair job. Fixed that and repainted the bottom.
    Have installed a primer kit and had to shorten one of the plug wires due to it being corroded and idling rough.

    On flat water it goes no worries, in the rough it kinda sucks and this is really the problem i need to minimize as mostly i ride in the ocean. Not really after speed, more after acceleration and hook up. I play in the surf a lot and like to wave jump when the waves are there.

    Its deffinitely a doer upper in the looks department, but i will wait till next winter before i do any more painting. Weather is getting warm here and im spoiled for choice as to where to ride, literally surrounded by water.

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    For basic mods I would think you want new Trim tabs if you do not have metal ones!, 5 degree up nozzle, shredmaster, new intake grate and then possibly look at a new prop, bilge pump, Odessey battery, higher compression and new seat cover. You already have the carb primers.
    This is how mine has been setup for the last 10 years.

    For a great seat cover (I assume your ski is red too) take a look at I love this seat cover...had it 6+ years, looks new still and very heavy material. Need two people to put it on correctly and a strong air staple gun.

    You will never get rid of the porpoising, you can only minimize it with the shredmaster with shims and a combination of body positioning and trim settings. I still use the factory sponsons. I bought a lot of ride plates over the years and the shredmaster is the one I ride with - I think it is the best one for this ski.

    I upped my compression (head modification - Group K I think did it) to require premium and modified the carb pop off pressure. It does give it some extra hole power.

    With these mods my 97 GP1200 is just slightly slower than my 99 Seadoo XP Limited - maybe a mile or two. Both skis are great wave jumpers - I never see any of the new skis jumping like these two.

    I also have an old hull,,,,under the 5000 serial number - never had the hull fix. I poured some fiberglass epoxy into the hull but it still cracks. Crack is at the front V layer. Every couple of years I just knock off the cracked expoxy and re-use Marine Tex white epoxy on it. It lasted 13 years this way.

    I would add a pump- automatic with a manual override...saved my butt once when a hose broke inside and started filling it up with water - never sunk and made it back to shore.

    You may have trouble finding new parts for this ski but I would buy used if you can find them - like shredmaster and intake grates - used is as good as new as long as there are no cracks.

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    I actually ordered an mline seat cover over the weekend, but its probably about 3 weeks away.
    I went and say a few engineering places today to get some trim tabs made up from the drawings i found on the hydrotoys website. Guys want $300-$400 dollars here for the set, so will have to wait for now.

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    Welcome to the Hulk and the old school section

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    Quote Originally Posted by XMIRS View Post
    I actually ordered an mline seat cover over the weekend, but its probably about 3 weeks away.
    I went and say a few engineering places today to get some trim tabs made up from the drawings i found on the hydrotoys website. Guys want $300-$400 dollars here for the set, so will have to wait for now.
    That's's just a piece of metal...I would look at the forums and eventually you will probably find someone parting out his ski. There are probably dozens of those sets sitting on skis that are now trashed. Put feelers out on more boards and maybe someone will rip a set off a junked ski for $100. I know when I bought mine I paid less than $100 but that was ten years ago.

    If Mline still uses the same materials that they made mine with you will be happy. I had to send them my GP1200 seats since they had no GP prototype when they first started out. I paid the seat shipping and they gave me the cover. All my skis use their covers. Be careful of cleansers - some may dissolve the material!

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    I need the gauge cluster for a 2001 gpr 800 or 1200 do you have? 856-718-4769

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    PM Sent about Trim Tabs

    I may have a shredmaster you can buy. It is still on my ski right now and the ski needs work to get it running. I go home on leave in 1 week and if I get a chance to go to my storage unit I will take the shred off and let you know.

    I bought it about 1.5 years ago new from shredmaster, only rode on the water with it 3 times and I filled in the Speedo cut-out with JB Weld cause my speedo wheel is removed. Let me know if you are interested.

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    an impeller in a blaster or venture pitch would help you in the will run higher rpms for a given speed (slow you down, top speed wise) but will scoop water big time.. a shread master in the rough should work well for you..

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