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Thread: Lawn sweepers

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    Lawn sweepers

    I need something to tow behind my lawn mower to mainly pickup the twigs that my Fn cottonwood trees keep shedding all year long! These twigs are soft,about a foot long very light weight and a pain in the back to keep up with. Going on 12 years of this crap time to find a alternitive approach! Ohio Steel makes a lawn sweeper with great reviews but before I drop $300 I want to make sure whatever I buy does the job. So please give me your thoughts or ideas to help me and my back out. Thanks

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    Cut em down? lol But seriously trim them pretty far back before they bloom/bud in the spring, should help a good bit. I have a small lawn care maintenance business and i've never had any experience with a lawn sweeper. I don't think they would do a super great job for picking up sticks shed from the tree.

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    I would advise you to not buy a lawn sweeper. The place that I work sells them, but they don't do that great of a job. They can't even pick up wet leaves or anything. I hear nothing but complaints from customers about them. Every once in awhile I will hear a good review, but that is about it.

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    Get a trac vac to attach to your lawnmower. We use the commercial models and they work great. Plenty of power, and you can usually find a residential model like the one pictured below on craigslist for cheap.

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