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    GP1300R, just purchased

    I have owned other GP skis. This one is a 2007 GP1300R, it has a mod. head installed. Any idea what the compression should be?

    Also will I need to run higher octane fuel?

    Can I convert to premix?

    Any problem with the 07 GP 1300 that I need to correct?

    Thanks for your comments. It has been a few years since I owned a ski.

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    should be running 150-160 and # 3 cylinder little less and make sure it has some type of top loader intake grate

    also pump tunnels on all the years should be reinforced/premix -yes
    use the search link for more details


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    is that comp for a hot or cold engine?

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    150 on a cold motor is super unleaded friendly....when checking compression only remove one plug at a time and pull the throttle...make sure your starter turns over motor at least 450 rpm's, you might need to put on the batt charger. Dont use the stock grate EVER it will throw you off BTDT , use a 1200 grate for handeling and 800 for top speed. There is tons of info regarding the gpr in the speed secret sticky. enjoy

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