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    Kawi 12F Oil Pressure Switch Issue

    I damaged the wire that connects to oil pressure switch (above oil filter).

    One of the wires is cut.

    What do I do?

    1. Can I disconnect the sensor on the oil pressure switch (and live like that, or will the jet ski beep all the time?)

    2. Order a whole new cable harness that leads to ECU (sounds like a lot of work disconnecting all sensors to install such new harness)?

    3. Take it into dealer (what do you think cost would be?)

    4. Can I splice the wire and solder it?

    (It was disappointing to trace the oil pressure switch sensor back to the ECU and realize that I cannot just replace the 2-wire harness. The ECU has one big, fat connector and all wires/sensors connect to it. That stinks. SO, if you damage one wire or connector/sensor, you are stuck with replacing the whole harness for ALL connectors)

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    I would repair the wires at the connection. The harness is over 300 bucks.

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