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    Long Blade Props

    I have not seen much on the long blades that are avalible anybody running one and how is it performing with your mods

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    What are these I've never seen them selling before. Can you post a link to them. Plz

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    I'm currently running a custom Skat long blade and right now it's scrubbing top speed. I am working on getting my combo right so that it does not scrub at much top speed but it just got pretty darn cold here.

    If set up properly, you can get a long blade to go just about as fast as a regular Skat, but the long blade design will give you a wicked holeshot and midrange pull.

    I know it's possible to get 83-84 out of my setup because JD 1 has been doing it with the long blade for a while now on a couple customer's boats. I just haven't figured out his secrets yet. lol

    If I can get it work, it will be the best of both worlds. Very good holeshot without sacrificing any top end. I think Riva is working on some new prop designed too last I heard. Lots of good things coming for us this winter and spring.

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