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    02 STXR 1200, Is this normal?

    Hey everyone, got a weird thing happening with my 02 STXR. When coming on to plane at low revs my ski wants to tilt (like chine walking when on the crest of a wave). When the revs move from mid to high the attitude of the ski will correct itself. Is this normal for the STXR (or any ski) and does anyone know what would cause this to happen? e.g. Misaligned ride plate or sponsons, or hull defect. These all seem to be ok on my ski

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    mine does it too. i have an aftermarket ride plate and beach house sponsons. mines not too bad and i really only notice when riding 2 up with my son.

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    I noticed that a while back when riding 2 up. That was with a stock stxr rideplate. Never noticed it on my 15f with the stock, r&d, or shredmaster plate.

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