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    Hawkesbury River Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race: Prep test and Tune for Yamaha Motes

    I'll be heading down for this to run against some of the monster Motec Yamaha's lurking around Sydney. It'll be a good test for the 20 pound wheel without been mashed by other ski's like CC racing.

    If Moogerah Technical day taught me one thing, it is you need to compare so you have a baseline to aim for. And for that I can thank Richie

    Read the copy and paste from another site.

    Apologies again for posting in the wrong section (should be the race scene) but most of the keyboard racers with Yami's tend to lurk here to pickup the technical snippets that will help in the future.

    This is a point to point cct over a 3-500 meter course for the jetski's. Absolutely packed with thousands of people on both days to see the big boat ski racers. It'll be a Drag race like event for the jetskiers. Similar to the Hydrodrags the US have.

    Should be fun and great data collection event.

    NSWPWC has been offered to host a Circuit Event on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st November at Windsor on the Hawkesbury River, we will be running this event in conjunction with the Hawkesbury River Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race, at this stage we will be the only on water activity after the Ski Racing from approximately 1pm on both days and we should have about 2 hrs of racing each day.

    The course will be a simple oval track so those that have not been confident on our normal circuit tracks at the club this will give you an opportunity to have some fun and not get to confused.

    We are still working out the finer details in relation to format and entry costs, so we will post this information as soon as we know it.

    This event gives us a great opportunity to represent our sport in front of a large crowd, for those that have not seen Windsor after a Bridge to Bridge Ski Race there would probably be a couple of thousand people there on Sunday afternoon.

    At this stage we will just be having 2 Classes, Pro/Am Runabout Open & Pro/Am Runabout Stock, we would like to fill both classes to encourage as much close racing as possible, not just one rider winning every heat, if there is interest in having another class please let us know, though we will need at least 6-8 riders.

    In you are interested in attending please email myself ([email protected]) or Kristine ([email protected]), also if you could offer assistance on one or both days, we will need a marshall for Saturday I believe and we will need people to assist our Race Director & Scorers on both days.

    If anybody would like to show their interest in supporting this event please let myself or Paul Leven know ([email protected]).


    Ryan Coyle
    NSWPWC Committee

    NSWPWC Association
    0411 399 146

    The event link is:

    PS. For anyone who wants secure parking for your ski I can fit about 10 ski's in my industrial unit at Windsor (which is vacant and I'm selling). We can sleep upstairs in the office and listen for things that go bump in the night.

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    Hi Gunna

    Sounds like a fun packed weekend mate love too see your weapon in action ..........

    Look forward too catching up with you again champ ................ and will have a room for you and your ski as well mate take care and see you soon


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    That's fine! I'll just be the baseline Dean!! Hahaha just jokes!

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