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    install turbo GT3076R

    hi guy !
    today i just buy, garrett turbocharger GT30 moden is GT3076R, AR 60, exhuast port a/r 0.63 , using is TIAL Wastegates MR-V 44mm with the water cooling system,
    for this installation 20psi boost , how many top speed can get ?? , might cause turbo lag problem ??? below is my new upgrader engine parts :

    Riva racing piston 8.4:1 STD
    Carrillo connecting rod
    Riva pro-series head gasket
    Rotax racing lightened camshaft sprocket
    Riva head stud kit
    Block guard for 4-tec performance

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    hahaha,, other turbo setup from malaysia,, good luck thomas,,,

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    you need the 6 series cam ...and go with a oem gasket..torque your studs to 95 ride and will need somekind of fuel controle probabley more than a rude controler..less cooke..remaped ecu better from what i understand...

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