ok as i stated in another thread the dash on my brothers ultra was totally rusted out so we bought another one yesterday locally. we installed it today and it worked beautifully. after a few minutes of running the dash turned off. the battery on the ski was weak so we couldn't turn it back on after that. we proceded to jump the ski and restarted it. now the dash just flickers randomly, sometimes the rpms won't be read and all of a sudden they show up. i tried revving the ski to increase voltage and still nothing. i know the stator is good because i measured it and it was charging. i don't know what else to do here. if anyone has any ideas or thoughts please help a fellow skier. BTW this ski has sank twice which is why original dash got destroyed. as i said popped the new one in and voila it works beautifully for 2 minutes then intermittent blinking.....help