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    Fold Down Wake Tower Speedster 150?

    Anyone give me an idea of how you fold down a factory tower on a 2007 Speedster 150 or got a pic of one folded down

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    Here is what I do on my 2007 Speedster with factory wake tower. First, I replaced the knob with an additional bolt, so I use 2 bolts on each side. Second, I bought rubber bumbers, which I drilled a hole in the middle of, and attach to the wake tower as I fold it down for storage in the garage. I completely separate the rear support from the tower and zip-tie it up top. (I used to just bungy it up top but my daughter plays on the boat sometimes and felt this method was safer.)

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    Outstanding. Thanks for that. its just what I needed.
    You got any other mods or tricks you have done to your Seadoo?
    I have only just bought this one.
    I am just about to buy a cover and wakeboard racks from the USA
    Any suggestions
    I am in Australia

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    I'm still kinda a noob. I've had mine for a year now but in the off-season I had a new propr built to my specs (high-altitude and a penchant for hole-shot vs. top-end), replaced my wear ring, and sent the SC to Jerry to have the washers replaced. Glad the pics helped. To be honest, I still don't know if it is the "right" way to fold down the top to get it in the garage. The only reason I replaced the handles with an additional bolt is that the handles had seized and they were unsalvageable as I had to get the bolts out. And since I had to use a wrench for the other bolt anyhow it's just simpler and cheaper to have 2 bolts on each side.

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