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    Unhappy 2006 Sportster 215hp EFB (Engine Fuse Block) Question

    Hi Everyone,

    Working on getting my 2006 Sportster running. And I am having a few challenges. First found out motor was that sorted out..rebuilt.

    Motor was missing ECM..bought a used one..I think it is good. Found wires in the console area going to the VCM..connected wrong..fixed blow fuses..

    Now to my EFB question. The block has the main 12V to it..with out connecting the DESS key to the post should I have at least 12V on the fuses on the EFB..I have nothing.

    Tested the DESS post..magnet opens and closes, 0 ohms closed, infinite open. Traced wires to VCM everything is correct.

    Now I think that at least with the DESS key installed and the contacts closed the EFB should energize give me voltage on the fuses on that block...but nothing...I am not trying to start it...just get power where it should be and make sure that I have no other wiring issues.

    Looking for there a way to test the EFB or must it be swapped?

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    Well I found my problem.

    (A-2) on the VCM is the 12V DESS interrupt from the EFB this is pulled low by the DESS switch. But only if all the pins 1 and 18 on the "A" connector of the VCM are present.

    Somehow they broke off on my VCM. So I priced the VCM...$ head almost fell off.

    Therefore I rig up a repair for the VCM pins...can got my engine to start for a short period...then killed my battery in the process...oh well it was weak anyway..

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    Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your boat very soon.....!!

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    Well new battery installed..had a bad new shipped me a replacement..

    Motor started up the the first time and ran it time to put everything back together..

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    So if you don't mind me asking, what is the approx. cost to get everything fixed??

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    I have not totaled up everything yet. So far I have been lucky from my point of view.

    Block was in good shape..did not need boring..found a set of standard rings for $135.00 new. Bottom end was good no problems found. Gasket set $125.00. Found a used ECU right here on Greenhulk $225.00..Thanks Dyoung great guy..

    The bulk of my cash went into having the head re-done..found a auto machine shop that worked on a couple auto heads for me in the past..who took it on as a project they never worked on the PWC heads...well all I can say is that they had me fooled..came out great for $475.00.

    After taking a real close look..found that my supercharger had graphite replaced them with 2007-2008 gold ones...if anyone thinks that was a bad move let me know..did the oil jet upgrade/mod.

    A few other little things so far I think I am about $1100.00 on the motor & Missing ECU.

    Still need to sort out the wiring up in the gauge area and replace some gauges..broken etc.

    Once I run the motor for a while to ensure that it is solid I plan on doing some more upgrades to the boat..

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