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    04 FX HO Cruiser vs. 05 SeaDoo GTX Limited Super Charged

    Hi Guys,

    I drove to Catalina from Dana Point with a friend today! Water was terrible! Big swells, lots of chop and jump! Anyways, I was driving my FX HO Cruiser and his was Limited 215HP.

    When we came back I took his ride for a spin! No doubt it was faster than mine but I felt a very different ride. Steering was sportier, more solid on the steering I think! It felt it was mostly on the surface of the water where with my Yamaha I feel deep penetration! Almost like a boat! Mine can jump much better than his. I don't know if he had trim on his or not but I did not find it to play with it!

    It felt a bit different ride! Mine seems to have much higher acceleration and torque the first second! His would come on in about a second and boy it was fast!

    Now questions for experts, what makes for a different ride feel, I could see my bow is much deeper than his. Which one is better in terms of comfort in long distance rides? Which is better for competition? I mainly speak for design, if everything was equal on the power, which one is superior in handling?

    Look forward to hear your comments. BTW, I have done Max of 57.9 with mine, I did not take the GPS with me but his was at least 5-10 mph more!

    Dana Point to Catalina is 38 miles. We went round trip at 79m.

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    I will be doing more riding this weekend. My friend will be there with me, perhaps more time on his ski and I get to learn it a little more! Should be interesting.

    I love my Yamaha but I am always open minded enough to put what other brands have to offer into perspective.

    I figured this might be a hard topic because many of us don't get to try them back to back. I was more interested in scientific design differences in term of handling, comfort, stability! What I like the most is they are so different that you can never say one copied another lol They have solid Engineering teams that develop what they think is the best! Don't get me wrong all of these companies, tear each others products but they simply do that to learn more and improve on their own or find the weakness of each other, not to copy each other, at least not as much

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