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    Question Winterize Ultra 260X help?

    Howdy all, I did a search and came up with nothing on a winterizing guide for the 260 Ultra X, I also have the factory service manual and the owners manual but neither goes into detail on how to get the antifreeze everywhere like the inter-cooler and exhaust. The manuals do very well with fogging and all other necessary prep but both say nothing of getting the water out of the engine? I purchased this service manual mostly for this info and I can't believe it's not in there. Also can I use RV antifreeze or does it have to be automotive type? Thanks for any assistance with this!

    EDIT: I see I put this in the wrong spot, would a mod please move for me?? Can't find "delete post" function - sorry

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    know nothing of winterizing a ski as we dont need too, but im curious to why you need to put anti freeze in the engine? if you blow air in the flush fitting that removes 90% of the water the rest will just be sitting in the water box but if you start the ski daily for 15sec the water eventually evapourates out

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