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    2 adults on a gp1200

    My dad has a gp1200 and sometimes he will ride two adults on it. This causes it to porpoise pretty bad. Does anyone have a ski setup that would keep it from porpoising.

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    what year?

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    Yeah get another ski for second adult. They weren't made for two up.

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    How stable is he with two adults on it? Me and my girlfriend (210 + 130) are unstable enough.

    There are tons of threads on here for GP1200 porpoising, but I'm not sure it is THAT fixable when you exceed the weight limit.

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    try this...

    gp's are 'rated' to float 325 per factory ...(125 girl and 200 lb guy... your there + any added equipment,fuel, your over...) to help with the handling shim your plate down in back to help force the nose down into the water (kills your ultimate speed but gains ride comfort with two)..check for trim tabs,if they were never there , damaged or missing get some .....find a scoop grate ,it will feed more water into the pump and help control cavitation (an unloaded pump will start the bounce) ..crank your sponsons down as this will effectively make the hulls footprint bigger and tilt the ski in at speed thou just a tad... a full fuel tank will make the ski handle better as it applys load forward ,moving the center of balance to the offset the passeanger load ... basicly anything to contribute to keeping a gp's nose in will help control the porpoise at speed ...

    1200's and 760's set up different for speed but the above IMHO will help you to 'carry the load' best!!!

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