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    GP800r Drive Shaft removal as splines gone! and Carb Q'n

    Hi Guys

    My ski packed up the other day and after the RNLI towed me back in to my launch site, I got home and found the prop shaft and engine were no longer mating properly,

    I took the pump off today and found the splines on the male end all notched and worn, (Ski is an 01 800r with 150hrs) My jet pump was supposedly rebuilt last year for which I have a receipt (Before my ownership)

    I have ordered a workshop manual off fleabay.

    I have got this far......

    Pump out,
    Battery box out,
    Mid Bearing cover off...

    And i still cant get the mid shaft out, any ideas how this comes out?

    Do i need to move the engine forward a bit??

    Is there anything i should know about stripping the jet pump n prop off and reassembly??

    Any ideas on prices for the two bits?

    The carbs apparently need the fuel diaphrams replacing as the idle erratic and low n its been in to a main dealer in the uk and they said thats what it is... How easy or hard is this to do??

    My background in mechanics is cars with EFi not carbs so any advice would be good!!

    Thanks in anticipation!!

    Rick (London UK)

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    The engine needs to be moved forward and there are three bolts that hold the bearing support to the mid wall. Take those three bolts off and in comes out from the inside. You will need to take the stinger off the exhaust and disconnect it from the water box. Its the piece of the exhaust on top of the carbs on right side and snakes around to the lower left rear side of the ski. Then the easiest way to slide the motor forward is to undo the 2 bolts that attach the motor mount to the hull in all four corners. If you undo the 4 main bolts from the engine to the mount then you have to realign everything when reassembling. Also rebuilding the pump had nothing to do with the splines, so the last guy didn't do anything wrong. They tend to go every 150-250 hrs. Replace both the pump shaft and intermediate at the same time, and when reassembling there should be two o rings inside the intermediate on the side where the main shaft enters. It doesnt come with them when you order the shaft usually.

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    Ahhhhhh ok,

    With the pump off is there anything i should know about dissassembling that to get the rear shaft out or putting it back together?? I take it the pump rebuild means they replaced the bearings in it along with the prop and wear ring? I am aware that there was a new solas prop fitted aabout a year ago..

    Also another dealer over here has said to have the two shafts re machined rather than new ones has anyone ever heard of this before?

    Also does anyone know about the carb thing?


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    Remachined, no.... The shafts are outrageously prices but go OEM. I dont know what he wants to re machine as that means taking material away there no tolerance for taking material away on these. Go new its gonna stink but worth the investment. For the shafts the mid get pressed in I would rebuild the mid bearings and seals if its going to be apart, If you take a block of wood on the short side hit it with a hammer it will pop out, the main take the pump cone off and take the nut off inside and do the same as the mid.. You may need a spline tool to hold the main shaft to get the nut off. As for pump rebuild all that really means is new bearings and seals thats it. Wearing isnt part of a pump rebuild itself. Easy to change though if it needs it.

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    Thanks for the info,

    Do you know specifically what spline tool i need? As ill have to find one over here!

    What prices do you pay for the shafts in the us just so i can tell if im being ripped off or not!


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    use oem parts finder they actually have really good pricing and the spline tool you can get in the GH store here if you want

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    Also important.

    Inside the inner shaft, there are two small orings. Order 2 new ones.

    You don't need to buy a new I-shaft. Contact Ted Thompson at 602-418-2109 and leave your name and contact number for him to reach you. He's been making the conversion shafts, and will have an unused spline portion of these laying around. He will probably have you send him your old I-shaft, to transfer over the parts. I'm sure he will be cheaper than buying new.

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