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Thread: Air filters

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    Air filters

    Do yo have to re jet the oem carbs on a 2002 Ultra 150 if you add air filters? I only want to add the filters for easier access when winterizing.

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    It shouldn't be that difficult to remove the stock flame arrestor. A couple of screws on the top bracket, loosen clamps on the front & rear carbs, twist it off.

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    Storage? Why would you need to remove the intake for storage. All you do is fill the gas tank, add stabilizer. Run it and flush with antifreeze, then pull the plugs and spray in some storage seal, put plugs back in. Remove the battery and put it away. Thats it.

    I have had my Ultra for 10 years, never removed the Air box to do any storage. (Also the manual says no need to either.)

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