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    Ebl watercraft..... Update oil tank....??

    hey everyone just quick post about the update oil tank.....

    emailed bart @ ebl watercraft about the update tank which is listed as US$257.24
    plus shipping now i got a respoce back saying that the price has gone up to US$426.76..

    do you think this is correct??? quite a large increase ! considering the postage alone is US$220.00!!!

    it makes for a very expencive upgrade!

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    Contact a couple of other sources, like Watcon or Sharp's Marine.

    Heck, if you have the Polaris or Weber part number(s) you might even be able to get one of the members on here to receive it and re-ship it to you in Oz...

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    Is it really worth the update for the price?? What advantages really does the updated tank give you?

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    I don't think the upgrade is worth the price, saying that I would not mind one.

    looks like no O rings to enable the raw water to leak into the oil side.
    No oil pressure shut off valve (Advantage?)
    Catch tank - will stop oil making its way into the inlet. (you can make something your self to accomplish this much cheaper)
    Oil baffle problem solved (although this was rectified in some of the old design ones)


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