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    '95 waveraider question


    I've recently been given a '95 waveraider 700. I don't know much about Skis but after getting this one back in running order (sat up for 3 years) i've noticed there is a long, clear piece of plastic tubing coming out of the digital display meter(about 1/2'' O.D.) It's not attached to anything, just hanging there zip tied to itself. Should it be? What is it? Some sort of sensor? I just don't wanna take this thing out for the first time and not be warned about some bad stuff about to happen. Any info is appreciated.


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    That is just a "breather hose". That is the problem with those old displays for those of us who run in salt water. Since the expansion and contraction of air would eventually break the plastic housing if it were sealed, they added a hose with a little thing on the end so it wouldn't suck up water so it can "breathe". Unfortunately it will still get salt air in the eventually and corrodes.

    I had opened up mine and was able to clean the board (and on the second one had to replace a few parts) and getting it working again on my old WaveVentures, but it was a pain. I had to create a new faceplate as you have to cut the old one out. I never really figured out a good way to glue a new one in. I also glued a plastic water bottle to the end of that black thing on the hose and partially crushed it (to allow for expansion and contraction of air) and thru some of those silica gel packs in it to (hopefully) keep it dry inside there. So far so good.

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    oh nice, thanks man... I don't think I'll be running in any salt water, so hopefully I'll never have to go to the lengths you have.

    Thanks for the info, anyhow

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