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    04 S200 Plastic Pump what to do.

    I have an 04 S200 with the plastic pumps. The pumps are is great shape but the wear rings need change. When I pulled out the wear rings I noticed both had wear on each side and little wear on the tops and bottoms. I appears the pumps and wear rings are out of round. What is the cheapest fix. I have heard the SS Riva wear ring will stiffin if up and keep it round. Any other reasonabel options?

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    it is a 310h.p. if yes try to gat a newer pump from a sc motor

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    gibson super truck exhaust

    anyone know about kooks, or magnaflow systems are they any good?

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    I presume the pump housing from the 2005 SC engines are cast metal..?? Are they a direct bolt on to the 2004 310HP pump assemblies?? If so I think that would be a better option then the stainless steel wear rings because I believe they cost around $130 each but then you will need to have a machine shop cut them down 1/2-inch to fit the plastic pumps, whereas the 2005 SC pump assembly costs approx. $250 each and then no more worries about being out of round!! Just my thoughts on the issue since I am in the process of purchasing a 2004!! If someone could confirm the above it would be much appreciated!!

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    The 2004 Second Edition plastic pump can be replaced with the 2005 metal pump. The problem is you need to also buy the guts for the 2005 metal pump because the 2004 plastic pump guts won't fit in the 2005 metal pump. That gets expensive. Turns out the Riva Stainless Steel wear ring fits the 2004 2nd Edition plastic pump perfectly and does not have to be trimmed. Thats what I ended up doing. Now if you have a 2004 1st edition plastic pump you will have to trim the Stainless Steel wear ring 10mm. Green Hulk members get a nice discount and good shipping rate Performace Part stores.

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