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    Question 2000 900 STX-no spark

    Purchased a used 900 STX... ran great for about 4 hours then while idled down for docking it just warning, noises or engine problems.....It has the oil pump block. we premix ski was very clean and in good shape....I have good fuel flow, engine turns over, but when I pulled the plugs and ground them against the engine block there was no spark....I bypassed the start/stop/kill switch, with the same result....Opened up the Ebox and saw a very clean w/ no corrosion interior...I checked ( by vision ) all connections...I'm unsure where to go from here...any help sure would be appreciated...Stator problem????

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    I recently purchased an 1100 engine that seemed to have a similar problem. The seller said that he had no spark and was tired of fooling with it, he parted out the 'Ski. When I received it, I was looking it over and noticed that the wiring harness for the stator was melted in places. Closer inspection revealed that it had apparently grounded out against the block, exhaust system, or something and burned up the harness.

    Take a look at the harness closely.

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    Exclamation wires

    Thanks for the advice! I will definitely give all the wires a more closer look, What you stated makes sense since there was no warning that something was wrong at all!

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