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    951/1050 wont start

    I have a 951/1050 that just wont start in a 99 GSX limited. goes poof poof alot and then a all mighty BANG!

    And before you say Timing, i'll chop your head off

    Ive checked the timing about 100 times now.

    i have 2 flywheels different and two Mag Cups different and no matter which way i put them the bloody thing wont start.

    really i dont know which flywheel is right
    All i know is that i have a 99 MPEM, two Coils, and the 4 pick ups on the MAG CUP.

    Here's Some pictures.

    Both the flywheels, the keyholes are in totally different places.

    Any ideas would be appropriated

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    The MAG cup may have been been positioned incorrectly as regards to the hole in the flywheel and will pop and fart if not bolted up in the right bolt holes.I am on the road so difficult to see on phone.Hopefully somebody can verify this in photos.

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    check to see if the pins in the deucsh connector are all the way out , not pushed in making partial if any contact, or the earths one the front flywheel cover

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    Man I went through the same problem. Its the mag cup. The 98's are different than the 99's and up. I went through when we bought a 1050 motor setup that had a 98 flywheel and put it in a 2000 rx. The magnet has to line up with the hole in the flywheel. Look on here for a manual and it will show you how to align it correctly. I think once you get it started it should be good to go.
    Either that or you maybe you have a needle/seat stuck wide open and its just dumping fuel into the motor.

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    Nope like i said i did it like the manual states the 1st time and nothing same thing BANG

    tried both flywheels and both Mag Cups
    Nothing still the same.

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    you may want to talk to "seadoo1120" he got me lined out on the flywheel/mag cup problem before... post#118.

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    Im going to start again with this Mag and flywheel
    I'll take Some pictures as i go through it.

    i wonder if the cranks different or bent.
    Hole in the piston. ( nah comperssions where 150 and 152 )
    The engine has not run for about 5 years, But I checked everything and before i put it In the Doo and all moved nicely.
    The mag and flywheel wasnt on the engine when i got it, and the owner has forgoten what he used to Run on it........( yamaha dealer now )

    Back to the start

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    I have taken the flywheel Off this weekend.

    here's some pictures of how its sitting.

    I Put the flywheels down flat with the key ways in the same position and you Can see which magnetics its using.

    So Using the 99 flywheel and 99 mag, this thing should be going......

    So I say its not the flywheel then.
    maybe the MPEM is u/s.
    Coils ( they are both sparking doh )
    Pick up
    Not enough fuel
    Too much fuel
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    what is the part number on your mpem?

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    ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!

    Im so happy

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