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    Trying to get a old racer back on the water

    Ok well i dont need help but my boss does. He has a 91 yamaha superjet 701 square nose i believe. Anywho he oly has about $600 invested total in this thing and it runs beautifully but we need a handle pole in a bad way (stock is fine), all we need is the handle pole itself no cables, electronics, pad or anything else just a stock handle pole. The one we have is cracked pretty bad and has been patched and fixed so many times that the fiberglass guy wont patch it again lol.

    We found the aluminum handlepoles and stuff but they almost cost as much as he has invested in the ski and he dont see a reason to fix it if the fix cost as much as the ski. I personally would like to see him ride the thing again as i have never seen him ride it, i have ridden it with the cracked handle pole but the crack is spreading bad so we bailed on it before it broke. This poor thing is just sitting at the shop collecting dust and the bad part is no one rides standups around here so there is not even a supply of wrecked or blown up skis.

    Basicly what i am wondering is if anyone has a old stock handlepole that is not broken or cracked that they would let go of cheap or possibly donate to a good cause (willing to pay shipping of course). It really is a good cause cause i am tired of looking at this 115 hp frankenstien of a superjet just sitting in the shop and all that is wrong with it is it needs a handle pole and I know it would make a old racer happy to get out and make some laps on his home built ski.

    Not trying to make a sob story i am just trying to help a good friend out with his watercraft. Beside i got a bet going with him that his old butt cant ride it still.
    Any information is better than no information

    Thanks ya'll

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    sign up to XH20 .... they Have many more sj owners in membership than GHPF..

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