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    Question Reverse Bucket and cables

    Hey guys,

    Do you now if the reverse bucket is universal on all jetskis?? and also the cable that goes from the lever to the back of the hull?? im really keen to hook mine back up coz the douchebag that had ti befoe opulled it off, god kows whys!

    A little guidance of these questions would be sweet and if you know of abnyone selling any .... that ship worldwide would be appreciated!!!

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    Oh yeah,

    X45 1999 ski

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    Reverse is for girls....trim is for men!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taites View Post
    ...X45 1999 ski
    Polaris made a couple of different reverse bucket shapes. I think the newer 'rams horn' style works a little better, but either style works well enough.

    The reverse cable varies between models, depending on how long the hull is and how the ends connect to the handle. There is some cable interchangeability, but I couldn't tell you off the top of my head which reverse cables other then the original part number might fit.

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