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    replacing bumper rails on 95 waveraider, where to buy all black rails??? sick of purp

    im so sick of having purple bumper rails and paint doesnt like to stick to the rubber, or plastic, does anyone know where to get new all black rails for a waveraider???

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    I looked around for rails for my 96 waveventure cause I was tired of the purple too.. I couldnt ever find anything so this is what I did.

    I took an emery block and scuffed them up.
    Then used a paint from Duplicolor found at most automotive parts store thats made for plastic and vinyl.
    Then I used a regular laquer clear. {2 coats(1 light, 1 heavy)}

    I havent had any problems with it not sticking and it looks really good to me.

    This may be an easy option for you. Good luck!

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    In order to paint your rails, you need to take the steps you would if you were painting any other part of the ski. There are a lot of write ups about the different grit sandpapers you should use. In addition, adhesion promoter never hurts.

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    i prepped the ski for over 50 hrs!!! it was crazy my fingers were all messed up from the sanding then i used some rustoleum spary paint for primer, i sprayed 2 cans and some paint got on the end of my finger and made my finger tip numb!!!! i thought it was gonna go away in a little bit, but my finger was messed up for like 3 months!!! wear gloves when spray painting!!!!! safety googles,mask, be prepared!!! sorry off subject !!!

    i sanded the rails really well, i didnt use an addhesition promoter, and every time i take it out, if it bumps anything, the paint comes off the rails, the top deck paint is holding up fine

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