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    215 RXT performance questions

    OK guys, I have not done any performance mods yet on the 4 strokes. I have a customer that is wanting to do the Riva Supercharger impellor so I am wondering #1 what kind of gain is he really looking at??
    #2 Is this the first thing he should do?
    #3 I know Riva says to get a steeper pitch impellor so which one and should I do Solas or Skat??

    Thanks. Mike

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    there are many of combo's of upgrades you can do to that ski it all in what you are looking to optain more speed , better hole shot, better pulling power ext.ext. if you are going to do a supercharger upgrade then just get a x-charger and be done with that ,it not worth up grading a stock SC when you can get the new 2010 x-charger for around $725.00 jm2c

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