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    Can I Paint The Bottom Of My Jet Ski Or Does It Need To Be Gel Coat???

    Can I use a normal automotive base/clean on the top and bottom of my 97 Hurricane or does it need to be Gel Coated????

    Also How Risky is drilling out the rivets on the bump moulding on the boat and does anyone know how the long moulding along the side are held on? maybe glue ? i don't see any rivets???


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    It doesn't need to be gelcoat, but obviously gelcoat is best if you can spray it. I have recently base coated my 785 and didn't use gelcoat, instead I went for a marine 2-part below water level paint. This stuff settles rock hard and is designed for the elements - there are a few you can use, Hempel, International - I use Norglass but it is specific to Australia. Drilling out the rivets isn't a problem, I used a slightly bigger diameter drill bit to shear off the top then I used a center punch and hammer to pop them out.

    I suggest you look at Bowsnipers (our resident painting guru) thread on painting a jetski

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