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    Ride Plate

    i just bought a 2004 kawasaki stx 15-f and i am looking for a aftermarket ride plate to put on it. what do u guys think is the best one to use to improve stability on rough water?
    also would I have to do anything special for the reverse bucket?
    thanks a lot.

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    First off, welcome, you will find the Kawi section to be interesting and informative!
    Secondly, browse through the project section, there is an abundance of good information regarding this in the various build threads there, specifically look at the budget 15f project and my project in there.

    I have the R&D plate and it is great others have the shreadmaster plate and rave about it, still others have used stxr plates but I can not confirm this fitting without modification.

    not to beat a dead horse but this has probably been addressed, the search button works I promise, but feel free to ask for help (its what we do)


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    The R & D STX plate has been around a long time most shops push them because they get them real cheap. The Shredmaster only about a 1½ year and holds it own because of the faster speed, hook-up and best tracking but best the hard turning. One thing most will always agree on is no R & D will ever stay with a Shredmaster on any ski in rough water.

    Here is a good start on a search.

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