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    Smile this is the 2004 P hull let me know what you guys think

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    Guessing you picked this hull up cheap and your planing on putting it back together....if this is the case save yourself the headache and buy one that's complete and running...or if you insist on putting one together...sell this hull and buy a gpr hull.... you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of your buddys with half the money tied up in parts...just my 2 cents....

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    sort of agree.. unless you can find an insurance recovery ..that fell off a trailer of got hit....but dont get one that has been sunk...

    bought one of those as well

    then it became this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bksbigboy69 View Post
    yup...def an RXP...whats the plan stan?

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    im throwing in a 2008 rxt-x engine and pump on it , hopeing to see at least 69-70 mph stock on gps, then going to put a C-kit

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    youll see alot more then 70 if its a complete X setup....

    also should think of doing this while you have it all apart

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