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    Removing side ribs on RXT

    Can anyone tell me what the best way would be to remove the black side ribs that wrap the reverse lever and extend to just underneath the seat? I want to remove them so I can send them in to be carbon fibered but I was hoping to not have any surprises! Can you reuse those black button rivets once you pull them out and what is the best way to remove them. Thanks for any advice or tips!

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    if they are like the black rivets on an rxp, you just put a 3/16 drill bit to it, drill them out, pop out the rest of the rivet, and then use new rivets to reinstall. or you can buy stainless bolts and nuts with washers. Rivet gun is easiest though.

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    If you have to use new rivets then why not just snip off the inside of the rivet and then use the new rivets? BTW, I have to send the new rivets with the ribs to be carbon fibered or should I just leave those black because they're hidden when the seat is on. What holds the rest of the rib on where it appears that the fastener is hidden on outside but still attached some way through the hull?

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