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    Small Craft Advisory Fishing For Stripers

    Since it was a small craft advisory today I decided to take my small craft out fishing. I threw my minnow pot over at my dock and in 15 minutes I had over a hundred minnows--that will not happed too much more with winter on the way.
    I have had a Port-A- Boat for about thirteen years now and today was the first time I put a trolling motor on it. My friend Randy moved from the water out to the hills in Buena Vista Va. a couple of years ago and gave me a trolling motor that he said he has had for many years. It still works great. I trolled around the shore line dragging live minnows fifty feet behind me and caught 6 small Stripers. Nothing real big but fun in shallow water and 3 foot waves.
    This evening I also caught one of the bald eagles having dinner right as the sun was going down. He was ripping the feathers out of some kind of bird and as you can see in the last picture he puffed up his feathers as if to tell me to leave him alone. Here are some pictures from today.

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    Great pics as always!

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    That eagle doesn't look to thrilled about you eyeballing his meal!!

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