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    yamaha SUV 4-stroke motor swap - info needed

    I am a writer/photographer for a number of boating and fishing magazines and I am getting ready to ship a Yamaha SUV to Cozumel to fish on so I want it to be reliable. I would like to install a yamaha 4 stroke HO motor in it but i am hoping to talk to someone first that has done it and get answers to some of the questions below.
    If someone has installed a 4 stroke in an SUV, what i would like to know is -
    Who did the work?
    How did you make new motor mounts?
    What top speed do you get out of it now ?
    Is your fuel economy and range much better?
    How many hours have you put on it since the conversion?
    Have you had any problems with the conversion?
    Do you have any regrets?

    Thanks so much in advance for this valuable info.

    kind regards
    John Cacciutti

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    Check your PM, John.

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