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    Question Stx 15f Motor Help ***Knowledge Needed***

    I need some help. I acquired an 04 Kawasaki stx 15f for free. The thing is that it was lost in the surf at Jawz and slammed into shoreline. The ski was dragged up on the rocks away from the harmful shore break, the engine ingested some water and owner said he pressed the starter button for a couple cranks on the shore but stopped hearing that it didn't sound right. After having the ski airlifted to safety he pulled the plugs and got the water out of the cylinders. Not being mechanically inclined he abandoned ship and got another one.
    So... now I have the ski a year later. The oil wasn't that milky, so I got a new battery, fresh fuel, new plugs, looked everything over and the ski is complete. The problem I need help with is the motor will not turn over, the starter is engaging but not spinning the motor. It seems like the motor is locked up, I tried to free up the motor by turning it at the impeller shaft. I loosened up the impeller shaft but I don't think it is spinning the motor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Aloha Paul

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    If it ingested salt water as you suggest and he left it sit for a year after only cranking it a couple of times than you probably will need a new engine unless you want to spend the money on a rebuild and take the chance with no warranty. Order a new engine, yours should be a good core as long as you don't try and run it and throw a rod through the cases or something worse. The rest of the ski is in good shape I am assuming?

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    99% chance the engine is toast. Pull the cylinder head, I bet the cylinder walls are eaten up with corrosion. Starter drive is probably locked up, too, even if the crank isn't.

    Bet the electronics are toast, too.

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    i get it this is a joke surely you dont think it will start 12months later after injesting water

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