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    Need help figuring out what and how to replace a part

    I just traded a dirt bike for a 96 seadoo xp 787 hopefully i made a good deal but the guy i traded the dirt bike to said something about a carbon or ceramic??? seal that is on the drive shaft that needed to be replaced (soon he says????) i want to go ahead and replace it before i put it away for the winter. The ski still rides fine i dont notice any water in the bottom of the hull when i finish riding but i am curious what he was talking about anybody have a clue he just pointed to the boot on the shaft and thats all I know.

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    at the back of the hull there is an accordion boot around the driveshaft that houses the carbon ring. this keeps your ski from sinking. to replace it you need to pull the boot and metal flange rearward to expose the o-ring around the drive shaft. roll that o-ring forward out of the groove. then release the accordion boot. then take the pump off. its the four bolts that hold the pump to the hull. you will also have to disconnect the steeringrod and the trim arm. slide te drive shaft out the rear a bit and slide the newcarbon ringon the drive shaft and install. reverse the process to reinstall

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    When you take the carbon ring out look for an egg shape to it that will tell ya that the engine is probably out of alignment. Replace the ring with a new one. A trick is to pull the accordian boot tight up against the ring to apply more pressure then tighten the hose clamps. Those parts are VERY important because if they are bad your boat will take on water and sink!

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