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    Wal Mart Everstart AGM Battery?

    Is this any good and worth $80 vs. the regular $45 or so? BTW, have an 07' Ultra 250X 2 years old and 96 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmk View Post
    Is this any good and worth $80 vs. the regular $45 or so? BTW, have an 07' Ultra 250X 2 years old and 96 hours.

    If I was gonna spend $80 I'd get a DEKA ETX30L (

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    most around here call them

    "neverstart" batteries find the discussion on deka elsewhere..won't take much to convince you ( unless you wan tto go riding right now this second and there is no autozone in your town --autozone sells OEM deka's under thier own name)

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    O'Reilly's Auto Parts sells a sealed PWC battery with REAL terminals that you can tighten without breaking off. They're about $90, and well worth it in my book. Put a trickle charger on it and a timer, charge it 15 minutes per day and it will last you for many years.

    (By using the timer/trickle charger setup on my Ultra, I was able to use the original battery for NINE YEARS!)

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