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    I looking at 2 ski's on a double trailer and wondering about their worth$$$$. A 97 Yamaha 1100 wave venture and a 97 gp 1200. Both ski's are good overall shape, new propeller bearings, propeller housings, primer kits, unhooked oil injection system, properly maintained and have current tags. He wants $2500 for everything.. I live in Maui, Hawaii so the market is a little different than the mainland. Please any advice is appreciated. Thank you, Aloha Paul

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    if you can do a compression test on both skis to verify the health of the engines, and water test, I don`t think thta is a bad price for 2 running ski`s with a double trailer...

    good luck...

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    That sound like a good price.

    But I cant say with out looking at them. The salt water might have taken it tole. I would have a Friend that knows ski look at them for you. The motor is what I look at and ski that are old will not be as reliable. Stay close to shore. No Molokai trips. I think a sbt motor is $1500 + shipping and exchange For a 1200 motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20 feet Boy View Post
    I think a sbt motor is $1500 + shipping and exchange For a 1200 motor.

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    I know Allot of green hulk members hate sbt

    I haven't had a problem with them. Just PMC and they went out of business.

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    Well I'm the proud owner of my first ski's!! The ski's checked out to be in great shape for their age, no corrosion, no leaks, and run strong. I'm going to be using the ski's for tow in surfing and playing in the waves. Thanks for the replies for my assurance on the purchase and I'm stoked. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go. If anyone has some good advice/experience with these ski's, please let me know the in and outs. Thanks Aloha Paul

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    Congrats on the purchas !!! and welcom to Greenhulk.

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