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    New Vipec Section

    Great idea Jerry.. Who is happy with their Vipec and who is not?
    I love mine.. Starting to feel confident on making changes to the maps.
    Love what can be learned simply by studying the data logs.
    Full sensor readout 10 times a second is incredible information.
    Things you would never know otherwise, you can see on the data logs.
    The ultimate fine tuning tool.

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    Nice to see this added to the site. We are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tuning abilities with these ECU's. Looking forward to contributing to this section.

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    Glad this section is up.
    As new as the SHO scene really is, or is becoming, this section will be great for sharing/learning about the ViPEC. There is alot and will be alot of unanswered questions here.

    Cant wait to get mine installed and running in April.

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