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    Where to buy Polaris Synthetic 2 stroke oil?

    I have 1 1996 SLTX and 1996 SLT700 which I have run the Polaris Gold Synthetic 2 stroke oil since new. Up until recently I could buy it in quarts from a local dealer. They gotten to $12/qt which is too much. I like the fact that this oil is low smoke and doesn't smell bad.

    Is there a source to order this from at a more reasonible price?

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    It's around, just need to search.

    Unfortunately, once you factor in shipping, you're paying about the same.

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    Yup Polaris VES Gold is an absolute rip off...Not sure what they're thinking charging that much. I quit using it in my snowmobile when it broke $30/gal. If you want to run "Polaris" oil, just use the semi-synthetic "Blue", or run Yamalube 2S, which is the same thing.

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    Yea, just being a little anal here. The oil tank has always been a gold/clear color, but only I see or care about that. Everybody else just rides.

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