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    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry jerryspringer's Avatar
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    lifespan of rxp engine

    just a general question..

    wondering what sort of lifespan i d expect out of my rxp, just hit 100 hours, reg serviced, charger just checked (rebuilt 25 hours ago) slippage all good

    i ve added light weight valve springs, b kit (14.5 psi boost) reflashed ecu 8650 rpm and 4 inch air approx 50 hours ago, majority of riding is in bay/salt water

    ski is rinsed & flushed aftr every use...

    obviously it will vary based on ridingstyle etc but wondering with all the mods will i be up for major maintance as i ve just hit 100 hrs

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    If your AFR is good and u take care of it well it may go a couple hundred more hours. You can search here and see peoples results bro.

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    short.......i'm going back to 2 strokes,their more reliable

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    There's a recent thread on this...

    There's a guy nearby that has 800+ hours on an original SC engine.
    Another one has 300+ hours.

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    The guys on this forum probably ride more aggressively than the general public. That can shorten the life of any motor. Under normal circumstances I'll bet they easily go over 1000 hours. It's a 4 stroke, like a bike or a car, why shouldn't they run a long time? Rebuild the charger, keep clean oil, and ride.

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    IMO the most likely thing to shorten the life of your motor is the probability of the supercharger failing at some time, bending a rod from water ingestion or dropping a valve because of corroded valves

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    Mine lasted 150 hrs. About 40 hrs with a Rude 3, 40hrs with a 68-140, 40hrs on a riva stage 3 SC and only about 30 on stock charger. My rings wore out and started blowing lots of smoke out the catch can . Just rebuilt with Riva pistons and runs perfect though . If you never modded it it will last a long time ...... Like thats possible though

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOLD06RXP View Post
    If you never modded it it will last a long time ......
    What's the fun in that?

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    We've chalked up over 350 hours on the RXT's.
    But we had some major warranty repairs along the way.
    Typical problem areas are going to be supercharger bearings, dropping a valve, timing chain breaking, etc.

    Based on experience, I would not say 2 strokes are more reliable; the 4 strokes are actually extremely reliable in my experience. As far as easy starting, fuel economy and overall reliability they are great. The problem is when they do finally break, the complicated 4 strokes can be REALLY expensive to repair if you don't wrench on them yourself. The parts alone can cost a small fortune.

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    Bow chicka wow wow
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    Quote Originally Posted by sea-one View Post
    short.......i'm going back to 2 strokes,their more reliable
    My other ski is a GP1300R and I love it.

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