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    Lots of cheap new/used xp spx 787 parts!! Prices shipped all parts need to go

    PM or email me [email protected] all parts prices with shipping included. My paypal account is [email protected]. I am paypal verified and a customer for 8 years now with great feedback on ebay here is my user ID for more cheap parts from seadoo part outs. WS6TA6SPDRAMAIR

    **98 spx with title and pa registration until 3 of 2012!! 300.00 (no shipping must pick up near philly)

    **black x4 bumper trim and inserts, is cracked at front so good for splicing into your current ski. $15.00 SHIPPED

    **Very clean 140mm bronze plastic pump with 2 hours on the wear ring and 2 hours on brand new bearings and seal. $125.00 SHIPPED (I also have 1 more bronze and 2 plastic 140mm pumps forsale but they are not large hub rfi ones.)

    **787 oem rotary valve with 50 hours on the motor when pulled. $18.00 SHIPPED

    **140mm bronze or plastic pump shaft perfect no wear marks or bent threads!! $40.00 SHIPPED

    **Df62 i think fuel pump 1/4 inch inlets with 2 3/8 outlets!! $15.00 SHIPPED

    **97 98 and on xpl rear hatch cover with everything $80.00 SHIPPED

    **brand new seadoo wiring connectors and left over wiring with connectors! $10.00 SHIPPED

    **seadoo oem spark plug wires and boots with extra plug wire $12.00 SHIPPED

    **brand new 787 oil injection oil lines!! $10.00 SHIPPED

    **teal BLUE bumper trim plugs new $6.00 SHIPPED

    **brand new seadoo grip black $7.00 SHIPPED

    **787 exhaust white manifold perfect shape $20.00 SHIPPED

    -dirty but functional oil pump and stator cover and oil injection cable $15.00 SHIPPED!

    **good exhaust hoses no holes or heat wear. 8.00 SHIPPED

    **140mm pump cone great shape $15.00 SHIPPED

    ***98 spx very clean black not faded oem sponsons!! $35.00 SHIPPED

    **x4 hull storage bin $35.00 SHIPPED

    **xp spx sp seat whole seat!! needs to be steam or goof off cleaned!! $75.00 SHIPPED

    *fuel water seperator $9.00 SHIPPED

    **2 seadoo drain plugs $7.00 SHIPPED!!!!

    **good clean no holes with clips vts boot $8.00 SHIPPED

    **good clean working stator with pickup and cover motor had 50 hour 98 spx $100.00 SHIPPED PERFECT!!!

    **1997 bandit trailer good PA title in my name $250.00 pickup only

    **through hull coupler and gromets $12.00 SHIPPED

    **seadoo 98spx 50 hours on it working front electrical box with rectifier, mpem and dess landyard and dess switch too!!! all of it $150.00 SHIPPED!!!

    **complete 787 or 951 motor mounts all are good and all bolts too!! $35.00 SHIPPED!!

    *98 spx or 96 95 and on 787 720 650 driveshaft no messed up splines $40.00 SHIPPED!!

    **seadoo 787 waterbox mount with strap perfect $15.00 SHIPPED

    **xp spx 787 throttle cable perfect $18.00 SHIPPED

    **xp spx exhuast hose with exhaust oulet!! $15.00 SHIPPED!!

    **seadoo all x4 stock intake grate with all 4 bolts $15.00 SHIPPED

    **no holes great shape x4 stock fuel tank $40.00 SHIPPED!!

    ***vts motor 50 hours on it perfect working order 98 spx $60.00 SHIPPED!!!

    **Black toe hook nice!! $15.00 SHIPPED!!!

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    nevermind.... see you're near philly... my bad

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