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    Will it hurt my ski???

    I'm curious as to if I can pull my 1300's behind my boat for a pretty good distance at a semi high speed.
    I'm thinking 40-50 miles at 35mph +-
    I'd like to know what you guys think about this.
    I don't want to damage the skis if it's bad to do it.

    On a side thought, has anyone ever seen or fabricated a boat mounted jet ski lift/hoist mounted to the side of a boat back at the stern, the only one I've seen was back on the swim platform but it only held one ski. If I could get a setup on both sides they would offset each others weight.

    Thanks for any insight you may have!!!

    See ya,

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    i dont think thats a good idea!!ski might flip over!

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    The problem ive seen with towing skis is they want to go side to side sometimes putting a lot of stress on front hook. like rich said could possible turn over if conditions were right. on the other hand i have seen some big cruisers with two skis mounted at the rear of the boat looked like they just rode the skis up on them then strapped them down. i have a buddy who has a big boat with a top mounted boom and electric winch he has a dingy on the top deck and uses the boom for that but the boat was made for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskyrider View Post
    I'm curious as to if I can pull my 1300's behind my boat for a pretty good distance at a semi high speed.
    I'm thinking 40-50 miles at 35mph +- ...
    First step would be to install a shut-off valve to prevent cooling water from flooding the exhaust system.

    At speed, the cooling system will be pressurized from the jet pump, even though the engine is not running. There is a water injection directly into the exhaust system that normally cools the exhaust gases as they flow towards the water box. Engine operation keeps that water from backing up into the engine itself.

    With the engine off, the water can accumulate and back flow into the engine, which is not good.

    Install a shut-off valve in the appropriate cooling line, then figure out how to ensure you never try to run the engine with the valve still turned off. Perhaps a 'Remove before Flight' tag on the handlebar.

    Then do some test tows at different speeds, with different rope lengths.

    If you can find an arrangement that allows for a stable tow attitude, without a lot of bobbing or zigzagging, then you should be OK. It might take a much longer rope than you expect.

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    The tow loop or hook in the front has only 2 5-6mm (a little bit smaller than 1/4") bolts holding it in place. I do not think they would stand the strain of towing at 35mph for very long.

    At 35mph, backing water into the engine via the exhaust system is a very real possibility, especially when you consider that the pump tunnel is acting like a funnel or sea anchor at that speed.

    With the bow up attitude of a GPR, I do not see the boat flipping though. Too much lift on the bow and to much drag on the stern.

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    I have towed my gpr as it sits for ages through 25 knot winds in open water and have no proublems at all It would take alot of force to break two 6mm stanless bolts.

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    no problems from shoving water through it?

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    none at all

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    I wouldn't recommend putting that kind of stress on the "bow eye"

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    I wouldn't recommend putting that kind of stress on the "bow eye"
    ditto, besides, the ski was meant to be powered, not towed...

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