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    To Winterize or not... RXPX

    I'm storing my RXPX at my parents lake house in their garage basement. We keep the door into the house from the garage cracked during the winter so it shouldn't get below 60 degrees or so at the coldest. Is there any need for me to winterize the ski? I'll put stabil in the tank and run a tender on the battery. It will probably sit from now until March/April.. I just bought it and don't want to screw something up but I really don't feel like paying 200-300 for winterizing it when there is no chance that it will freeze. Anything else that I should do?

    Thanks for the help

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    I would fog it with Fogging Oil.

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    Do the "storage" steps in the manual. You shouldn't need to "winterize"

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    Stabil and the tender should be fine bro. Spray some xps lube on the motor prob as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocman View Post
    Stabil and the tender should be fine bro. Spray some xps lube on the motor prob as well.
    I agree 100%. For the past two seasons I have put stabil in the fuel, removed the batteries and stuck them on a charger, and sprayed the entire engine bay with CRC. My skis stay in a garage so they never see freezing temps. Yours will be fine just put the batter on a tender and add some fuel stabilizer. In the spring time hook up the batteries, maybe throw in some fresh plugs and fire it up .

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    Pull the fuel rail. Lube the valves and fog the motor all in one shot, Dont forget to hold the throttle wide open when doing.

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