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    08 RXT X Winterize Question?

    I read the sticky in the How To section and still have a question or two. Since this ski is new to me, I followed the instructions in the manual closely. I fabricated the air hose and hooked it up, blew out some water. After that I did start it and lots more water came out, more than with the compressed air. Does anyone with a "T" model push antifreeze through their ski in addition to what the manual tells you to do? It might just reach 66 degrees this Saturday and I might just put my new toy in the river for another "last" rode of the year. I'm thinking antifreeze with my drill pump, fogging oil, throttle body lube and I already changed the oil. Input? Thanks

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    I've kept mine outside a couple of winters, then got the itch and fired it up in Dec./Jan. I've always hooked up the garden hose with a funnel and poured antifreeze(usually save over (used) from car) into it while running then shut it down. Also fogged cylinders down, then she might sit another month or two. Never had any problems

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    that extra water most likely came from your waterbox eg compressed air cleared the intercooler and exhaust manifold but was emptied into the water box which compressed air cant move, starting it blew it all out.

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