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    Seadoo dealer

    Hi guys and gals new to the forum just wanted to share a bad experience i had,

    Bought a 2001 gtx di with a blown motor and after i rebuilt the engine, it would start and run but only on tick over and would not rev with a high pitch beeping from the ski,very frustated not being able to plug into it as i am a mechanic by trade and have £££ worth of diagnostic software.
    So back to basics fuel pressure checked all ok,air pump pressure good within tollerances,resistances of injectors etc checked all ok.
    So peeded right off i bite the bullet and pay my £30 for a scan at the local seadoo dealer
    RESULT 3 fault codes air injector,air flow sensor and throttle potentiometer(all on 1 cylinder) ?.

    So after the scan he asks me would i like him to order the 3 components for me totalling a nice £560.00 lol thats parts only,ummm no i says "so i say to the young chap if you had 3 rellated air faults on 1 cylinder do you think its just the sensors ? yes he says the computer said it was those that were at fault" uuummmm ok i say thanks for your time.

    After checking the wiring diagram by downloading the workshop manual i found that all 3 of those components pins were next to each other on the ecu dissconect the rear of the plug (4) off of the ecu and green green green was the colour of the day.

    Very basic fault i know but just goes to prove that back to basics of just dissconecting and checking all of your connections and spraying them is better then a man at a seadoo dealers lol.

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    I understand your frustration as I avoid dealers as much as possible even though I run a service division for Siemens and rely on cusotmers coming to the dealer for service.

    In your case, did you go to the dealer and ask them for a scan, or did you as them to diagnose your issue? If you jsut asked them to scan then the same guy with the scan results may not be the best guy to ask for a recommendation on what to do next (unless the shop only has one tech and you were talking to him)

    If you paid for troublshooting and they were foolish enough to try and change one of those parts without testing them they still would of noticed the loose connction and hopefully cancelled the install on the new parts as the issue was resolved.

    It would be cool if there was a low cost scanning solution available just like what is available for cars but since theres no such thing as a OBD standard for watercraft there will be no low cost standardized solution for diagnostics equipment.

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    This is a good example of why I dont work on Skis anymore. No matter what happens the Dealer has ripped customers off. Customers force you to put in substandard parts and not fix there machine but look at it tell them what you think is wrong and no matter what it is your wrong. He just may have found the wires you left off and plugged them in. but no one would hear about that. I have very few comebacks but I suffer from everyones belief that dealers are hacks. Sorry guy. But sounds like you found it. Running buds doesnt even require the removal of the seat unless like many you brought them a ski with a dead battery. I sure yours wasnt dead so he missed the sensor wires down on the side of the intake.

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