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    Whats the best nozzle??

    I tried to ask in my build-thread but got no answer... I guess people are a bit tired of reading about the boat now After all, it's not a jetski

    So the question:

    I read a long time ago that the 81mm nozzle is usually the fastest one... Do you guys still think so? Should I tune the impeller to match the 81 nozzle? I'm not after holeshot, but top end

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    I ways had best top end with the 81

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    any more guys with the same result?
    Does the weight of the boat/ski has something to say?
    There is a fine balance between when the velocity of the water coming out from the nozzle is affected by the pressure.
    Do you think that turning big HP will effect the pressure so that I need to step up to 82mm?

    Just looking for most possible input

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    81 for me right now!

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    whether i tuned with 81mm or 83mm i found no difference in top speed, but always had better acceleration with the 83

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