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    SHO prop removal jig

    Yet another FZR/S, FX SHO removal jig. I really liked Duke's trailer hitch idea for a platform for bending the props at the water. I've taken his idea and an idea that I discussed with MikeFZR.

    First I started with a 21" piece of 2" square tubing. I then welded a 2x2 inch "cap" plate, with a 1" hole on the end of the tube for the impeller shaft. I also welded a 4x8 inch plate to the top to serve as a table for holding, measuring and bending the prop. On the other side I created the "tie-figher" prop holder.

    Ok, so here's a view of the holder on the pump end:

    Next a view of the spline end (w/ the tie-fighter):

    Now insert jig into trailer hitch (and nice heavy truck) and put jack under wrench:

    Now turn top of jack so that you can put as much force on the wrench before you start jacking to reduce any "play":

    PLEASE NOTE that these pictures are of putting the prop back ON. To take it off, the jack should be on your right side. Before removing the prop, I put a little dimple on the shaft and one on the impeller so I could tell when it was sufficiently torqued back on. Here is the "before" shot.

    Here is after it was "jacked up". I went a little tighter because I put a TON of anti-seize on it instead of the grease that was there:

    After you prop is removed, you can hold it and bend on the top platform. Here is a picture with MikeFZR's prop gauge:

    The prop is held in place with an 8" x 1/2" bolt with some 3/4" pvc tubing on it. The pvc tube is just to protect the prop's threads from hitting the 1/2" bolt:

    Now that everything works, I just need to paint it.

    Here is the total cost for this project:
    - Spline tool: $36
    - Metal: $20
    - 1 1/16" wrench (sears): $20
    - 8 ton bottle jack (harbor freight, which I actually bought for jacking the trailer): $20
    - Misc hardware: $4

    So it cost about $100 to do the whole prop jig, including the tools needed (if you don't have them already). Of course, you may need a friend with a welder if you don't have one.

    I can also use this jig for other smaller props and would need two things to make that happen. 1) the smaller spline tool for the smaller impeller shaft and 2) a "bushing" to reduce the 1 inch hole in the end of the jig down to 3/4 inch for the smaller shaft.

    And last, in case you were wondering, I didn't put the jig further into the trucks receiver because it is rusted there and I couldn't put it in any further (and I'm too lazy to remove the rust). I guess all my hitches don't go all the way back, but I didn't have a problem with where it stuck out to.

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    Adam that looks awesome!! Very well designed.

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    Nice job. I welded my impeller tool on my receiver hitch.

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    I'm off to the hardware to buy bits and peices great idea. Great write up.

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    That's a handy set-up! Better than spending $430 on the other removal tool that's out there, plus you can repitch once you get it off...lakeside. Thanks for the idea.

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    WOW!!! How did I miss this! great Jig Adam!!!

    I had a more primitive set up... I like yours better!

    one question tho Did jetdave design and walk you thru the build process? did jetdave also teach you how to weld? , hahahaha nah, didn`t think so...

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