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    Need to Test my Sportster 215HP Intercooler motor on land.

    Hi Everyone,

    I have just finished up with my 215HP SC Intercooler motor. Now I would like to run it at idle for about that it could warm up to normal operating temps to simply shake it out without putting it into the water. Listen for strange noises etc..

    Note: Jet pump has not been re-installed yet. So I have connected a garden hose to the intercooler inlet..and I can push a high amount of water thru the motor or bring it down to a trickle..

    I know the manual says do not run the motor for long periods unless it is in the water..I just do not want to put everything completely together drag the boat to the lake.. launch the motor then get 200 feet from the ramp and something goes wrong..

    So any input on how I can do this test safely without burning up my motor, will be welcomed.

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    I don't think you should run your motor for 20-30 minutes on the hose, can't see there being enough water flow through a 1/2-inch connection to keep everything cool. I think dropping it into the lake is your only option, but you probably could leave it on the trailer and just back it in...keep the rear strapped down to the trailer and then start it up.

    Good luck!

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    Well temps were finally right for me to take the Sportster. Motor ran fine..although I get droplets of water from the carbon seal..its not free flowing..only shows up when the motor is that normal?

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