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    Question WR650LX electric fuel pump?

    So I've brought myself my first jetski, a 1990 Yamaha WaveRunner 650LX. It's in fairly average condition, runs okay and compression is 140-140 but a few things need attention and first on the list is the carburettor. I believe its got the BN38 on it, with the round pump housing, but at some stage a previous owner has added an electric fuel pump to the ski...

    Now I'm planning to rebuild the carby as the choke and throttle are very stiff to operate, and it would appear the fuel pump in the carby is no good. Question is, with a rebuilt carb nd a good fuel pump, is it worth while leaving the electric fuel pump hooked up?

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    I'd take it out once you get the O/E pump/carb to work properly it will be just fine...
    If at all possible get the sbn instead of the bn, it's so much the better carb it's not funny..

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