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    07 Gp1300r powerloss and starts runnin rough after about 20 secs of full throttle ???

    hey i have been searching but couldnt find a simular post on here ... ski has been runnin great just had recent service and they said its all fine . rides perfect in short full throttle bursts or playing in the waves only has a issue if on full throttle for arouns 20 secs.. will run at 5500 rpm fine tho ... thought might be maybe runnin lean so stuck a 100mls of oil in the fuel tank too see if make a difference but still the same .. any ideas would be great thank u

    ps up unto last few rides could stay wide open aslong as u wanted no problems

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    any mods?

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    how many rpms you turning at full throttle...should be somewhere between 7000-7200 on a digital guage.. you must have one...

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    hey yea it is pullin 7000 or over so is gettin to where it used to go... only mods it has in a d plate . intake grate pumpseal kit impellar exit nozel and ride plate ... but they been on for 2 years now only started doin this recently ... thinkin maybe the oil in it might have gone shit its super -m injector .. goin to suck it out this weekend and put some fresh yamalube in it...

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