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    R&D SHO Sponson Any body tried them??


    Anybody has a review for those sponsons?
    (For yamaha SHO)
    (Mods:Free flow exhaust,Power filter,Riva intake grate)


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    I finally got around to installing my R&D sponsons on my SHO this past weekend. I could not be happier with the handling of these sponsons. Ski tracks straight as an arrow through rough water and handles much more predictably. Absolutely... positively... love them. Wish I would have swapped a long time ago. There are a fantastic all around sponson. Perfect for rec riders who want to keep good handling characteristics.

    Even set up a little closed course with a buddy of mine on a lake and could finally run around it without him lapping me on his custom built stock class Farthing Motorsports 300X.

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